Culturing is an association dedicated to planning and design Europe–wide cultural projects. It gathers professional cultural expertise that sees in culture a common tool for innovation, inclusion, and participation.
The collective expertise of the association covers all the major areas of artistic and cultural production. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, it intends to explore the links between culture and a series of domains, including health, shared economy, smart and sustainable tourism, civil society, and the future of education.
Culturing originated from the programming and design of the city of Siena’s bid as European Capital of Culture in 2019, an intense experience that saw the consolidation of a creative workgroup of different professions around innovative cultural projects.


Culturing wants to “MAKE CULTURE”. 
Culturing is a creative workshop for the critical thinking about emerging forms of culture in Europe. Our focus is particularly on heritage cities, both in Italy and in Europe, characterised by ongoing processes of economic, social and technological change.
Aiming to help citizens to cope with such transformations, we promote public events such as debates and lectures as well as specific consulting on unconventional training, analysis of new scenarios and best practices.




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